Our Ministries

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry at Grace Community Bible Church equips men to lead biblically and serve faithfully in their homes,

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry assists parents in developing their teenagers to become God-centered, spiritually discerning, mature believers who love God,

Women’s Ministry

Our Women’s Ministry emphasizes women ministering to women.

Children’s Ministry

Through a variety of avenues, we desire to care for and shepherd children from diapers to discipleship.

Counselling Ministry

We are convinced that people in our community are struggling with a variety of issues in their lives like marriage, parenting, sexual sin, emotions, etc…

Outreach & Mission

Grace Community Bible Church embraces the charge of our Lord Jesus Christ to “make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19).

Music Ministry

What Kind of Music Do We Use in Worship? We use a variety of traditional & contemporary types of music....


At this point, our focus is on establishing the church with regular discipleship throughout the congregation.