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Grace Community Bible Church (GCBC) is a Southern Baptist church in affiliation and in doctrine.

This ministry operates in partnership with the Baptist Convention of Kenya, and is ready to work with other like-minded churches around the globe.

Our commitment is to the authority of the Scriptures as they pertain to the Christian and the Church. Therefore, our preaching and teaching are presented through the expositional style.

As the apostle Paul committed himself to founding the church of nothing but Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3), we seek to have a distinct and unwavering commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ, as revealed through His Word.

This Word is the “pillar and support of the truth” (1 Timothy 3:15). Therefore, our worship, our evangelism, our discipleship, our counselling, and our preaching are all oriented around the supremacy and sufficiency of this Word of God. We commit ourselves to all these things, believing that the result will be the Glory of God in all things.

Our Purpose is Reaching out to the unreached, planting churches, discipling new members and training leaders to serve effectively in the local church

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Our Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

Reaching out to the lost people, planting churches and training leaders basing on a local church set up

Our Vision

To raise up a generation of pastors and churches across and beyond Kenya who are sound in Biblical doctrines

Our Core Values

Christ our leader

Grace Community Bible Church

We value Christ as the head of the church and the Bible as His word given to us without error

Gospel is the message of Salvation

Grace Community Bible Church

We value the gospel is the message of salvation and sanctification which is sufficient for every humanity

The Trinitarian God

Grace Community Bible Church

We value the trinitarian God, who has revealed himself to us as God the Father, God The Son, and God the Holy spirit

Value of Prayer

Grace Community Bible Church

We value prayer as the necessary component in every successful endeavor undertaken in the name of Christ

The Church

Grace Community Bible Church

We value the church as the dynamic and powerful instrument the Lord uses to demonstrate what a relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ looks like and the way healthy relationship with other ought to be lived out.

People of God

Grace Community Bible Church

We value people as a primary source that God has given to the Church and they should be loved unconditionally, fed faithfully by the word of God, and equipped thoroughly for the ministries of the Lord has given them.

Evangelistic Proclamation

Grace Community Bible Church

We value Evangelistic Proclamation, discipleship, leadership training, and church planting to see Gods glory spread across Kenya and beyond


Grace Community Bible Church

We value Elder let leadership system in a local church/plurality of pastors