At this point, our focus is on establishing the church with regular discipleship throughout the congregation. As the church grows, we will continually be expanding our training ministry to include ministries designed to equip future leaders in Bible Study Methods, Counseling, Evangelism, Worship, Preaching and Teaching as well as Leadership Skills.

We are currently planning an annual training conference to help deepen the theology and worship of the church through seminars and lectures around these themes. Please check back on our website often for updates on the details.


    God is holy, glorious, and sovereign over all things. As a church, we are committed to knowing, loving, obeying, and glorifying the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in all we do.


    The Bible is ultimately authoritative in the life of the believer and the church. This leads us to a commitment to Bible exposition in all our ministries, whether for adults, youth, or even children.


    Reverence, awe, joy, fear, and submission are true responses to God’s glory and salvation. We seek to cultivate worship that rightly exalts God while humbling and dignifying people by placing them in their right place below Him.